Luxury and Fashion Law System

Services offered:

CLAvis developed a considerable knowledge in the management of cases related to Luxury and Fashion Law System, giving assistance to illustrious -Italian and foreigner- clients that work in this sector.
Fashion Law is a specialized field, comprising both civil and criminal law, that ensure the protection of intellectual property, from risks connected to the forgery and to commercial law contracts ; it is addressed at/ it involves either big and small companies or start-ups companies.
CLAvis helps its clients in all stages of conception, production, distribution and promotion of products and services, in the defense of license and in the management of dispute.
CLAvis’ team is composed of specialized lawyers collaborating in a synergetic way to guarantee the realization of the business’s goal, both in Italy and abroad.
The legal advice service is focused on:
Drafting of distribution contracts, brand’s licenses, real estate ( rent of show room, internal spaces of department stores, locations for runway shows), co-branding, franchising.


Nicola Francione
Pasquale Vitale
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