Intellectual Property (IP)

Services offered:

Legal assistance and advice in all aspects associated with the creation, acquisition, use, exploitation and protection of Intellectual Property (IP): brands, patents, design, utility models, copyright, industrial secrecy, know-how, protection of unfair competition, domain names, plant variety rights, databases, semiconductor, others.

CLAvis assists its clients from the initial stages of the new project, product or service, to the ones of its development, as well as its non-litigation and judicial protection.

In particular, CLAvis deals with the editing of sector contracts, the constitution of guarantee rights over IP rights, the domain names, the judicial and arbitration proceedings concerning copyrights, the ownership and brand’s license, the use, exploitation and protection of databases and audiovisual productions.

CLAvis deals with matters concerning the relationships with authorities, corporations, reference organizations, foreign companies corresponding to the SIAE for copyrights and other entities.

Nicola Francione
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